Inside-out Tracking Specialist Hyperverse Secures Funding Round, Showcasing Tech at GDC 2017

Hyperverse has announced it secured a seed round and is headed to GDC (1-3 of March) and Hack Temple (Feb 20 and March 14) to show off its fully immersive VR experiences for the first time to the tech reporters and investors.

Why it’s new and awesome

Hyperverse is a platform that helps to create and distribute a fully immersive virtual reality experience in indoor locations by providing tools for studios, all the hardware required and software for operating a VR park, including an SDK for content companies.

Hyperverse’s technology solution overcomes traditional obstacles of VR, including limitations of space and room geometry, reduces the cost of large-scale VR room installations by around 50-times comparing to competitors, opening the door to many more businesses to offer their visitors truly engaging VR experiences.

The setup includes a mix of the best existing VR hardware available alongside custom-built Hyperverse technology that allows users 6DoF for body movement, gesture tracking and interaction with the virtual environment. The full package is fully tested to ensure hardware compatibility and is ready to go out of the box. The system architecture also allows owners to create game sessions with any number of players online, limited to only how many guests can fit in the location, taking into account the requirements of safety.

The patent-pending tracking system requires just a single camera and the ceiling of the play area. By using this approach, we’ve created a system that virtually has no limits. We can create play areas of virtually any size and shape - imagine a labyrinth that change its configuration depending on the game scenario. Our optical tracking and inertial sensors reduce the delay to less than 5ms and provides player positioning accuracy down to 1cm.

By providing a backpack for players to wear, Hyperverse solution allows for full freedom to walk around a virtual environment while interacting, thereby freeing VR from the wires. To help ensure easy use and management, it’s built using standardised components to allow for easy future upgrade and repairs, if necessary, and includes the latest Nvidia GTX 1070 video card.

Hyperverse provides an SDK that contains all the tools they need to make amazing VR experiences, without needing to spend time ensuring compatibility with different hardware. This approach increases development speed and ensures that theme parks and other location-based entertainment centers that provide Hyperverse experiences to users always have fresh content to offer.

The first game on the platform is a multiplayer experience with shooting mechanics, puzzle solving, exciting telekinetic abilities and a beautiful story about freeing the world from constraints of the space.⁠⁠⁠⁠

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About Hyperverse

Hyperverse is based in New York City, USA. With an international team of seven members, all with extensive knowledge of gaming and technology who have worked on games such as Lineage, Halo and Point Blank, the company has currently raised $550K from CIS business angels.