Web Summit | CEO Herman Gref, COO Lev Khasis to Represent Sberbank at WebSummit 2016

Hey! Heading to Lisbon on the 6th of November with Sberbank CIB team. Meet us at #WebSummit Web Summit 2016. Come to say hi #T891 and attend Sberbank-backed startups pitch battle!


Gref’s keynote at Future Societies: Future Societies stage, Nov. 9 11:50pm - 12:10pm

Workshop on marketplaces with Lev Khasis: Workshop area, Nov. 9 10am - 11:30pm

Sberbank Vmeste announcement: Sberbank booth, Nov. 8 2pm

Startup pitch battle: Sberbank booth, Nov. 8 3pm - 4:30pm; Nov. 9 10am - 11:30am, 3pm - 4:30pm; Nov. 10 10am - 11:30am, 3pm the winner announcement.

Both speakers will be available for interviews.


Founded in 1841, Sberbank provides commercial banking and financial services to over 135 million people and 1 million businesses in 20 countries in CIS and Eastern Europe. With more than 17,000 retail branches, it is the largest commercial bank in Russia where over 70% of the population are its customers. Sberbank's current market capitalization exceeds US$39 billion which puts it at #102 on Forbes's list of the world's biggest public companies.

50% + 1 of Sberbank's shares is owned by the Central Bank of Russia, while over 45% belongs to international investors.

The new leadership puts great emphasis on innovation and technology. Sberbank's mobile banking app has 18 million active users, while its technology branch, Sbertech is one of the largest IT employers in the country. Sbertech is very active in the Russian startup scene.